Jen’s Upside-Down Orange Almond Cake – for those ‘cheat’ days / meals

” … and that lady who does the cheeses and preserves, (syl might recall) had some preserved whole oranges … so tiny they are prob mandarins or qumquat … but they were divine to look at and taste and i made up this upside down orange almond cake that turned out so completely divine but devilishly hi-cal.”


ok the recipe is really simple and am sure you’ll get some preserved mandarins.


100 gms butter

1 cup sugar

3 eggs, separated

mix them well together, add some of the syrup from the preserve

add a cup of almond meal with a tsp baking powder (i did 3/4 cup almond meal n 1/4 cup flour)

pour in some grenadine or cointreau for good measure

beat the whites stiff, fold into batter

in a loaf tin, ( mine is approx 3.5″ x 8″) greased and dusted, (additionally, layer the bottom with grease paper – that prevents the oranges from burning) huddle the oranges at the bottom of the tin, pour in the batter and they will fill the gaps and hold the oranges together.

bake according to your oven, but mine was 200 deg till it rose, then 170 till it was done. took about 55 mins i think.

when cooled, turn it over so the oranges are on top.

if serving as dessert, i think whipped cream would be great, but it was  good on its own and seemed right to have it while it was lukewarm.


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