Old friends, good friends, very good friends, friends for decades, friends in good times, wild times, interesting times, hard times.

All passionate about food, passionate about health; so here we are, each in a different part of the world, but close in thought, spirit and definitely on email.

Each day is a discovery and this blog shares recipes, notes and insights.




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  1. sylviamason says:

    I’m only two weeks in. I’ve had a good start but it is daunting to think of another 12 weeks of such a regimented eating pattern. But I’m hanging in there. Today I have been inspired by my friends enthusiasm to make my meals a bit more creative.

  2. gangof480 says:

    It gets easier. I found it very difficult in the beginning because I couldn’t think of how to make the dish tasty, I was focusing on measurements, timings and the water. When you eat the same thing at every meal for 7 days, it needs to be good and as she says, you need to eat happy.

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