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Mum’s wonderful, wonderful Buttermilk

The eternal go-to during Indian summers. There are so many varieties and recipes, but the one you are used to is the only one that hits all the right spots !


For 2 glasses :

  • 3 tbsp thick yoghurt, whizzed in a blender
  • Separately, give 3 shallots, 1 green chili and some fresh coriander a quick buzz in a blender to break them up and mix them up, but not too finely
  • Salt
  • Water

Mix the lot together. Make a jug and stick it in the fridge !

Garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Option : Add a bit of ginger and a few curry leaves while blending the shallot mixture. Or even a lemon leaf … (from your garden or Asian supermarkets).

Pix borrowed, with thanks, off the Web.


Sweet Summer Kale Salad

Discovered in Kitsilano, Vancouver, this salad and dressing was outstanding ; the kale elevated by the sharp contrasts between the piquant, nutty and sweet accents.


  • Kale
  • Chopped apples
  • Cranberries
  • Almonds


  • olive oil
  • orange juice
  • balsamic vinegar
  • shallots, diced
  • garlic, diced
  • honey
  • red chilies
  • oregano
  • sea salt
  • pepper

Most pictures borrowed from the web.

Out in the sun Chez Rosalyn Mary, Coonoor


... go via mysore-bhandipur-masinagudi-ooty. at bandipur, after the police checkpost is a left turn over a narrow bridge to masinagudi up the sigur ghat (36 hair pin bends). if you miss this turn, go via gudulur. you are adding 60 kms and two hours so make sure to come via sigur ghat. this takes you to ooty. at the main ooty signal, called charing cross, the straight road goes to coonoor which you don’t take but turn left towards kothagiri. there is a five way fork a few kms down this road, you take the road the two o clock, which goes to kothagiri. 19 kms from ooty is the village kattapattu. here you turn right (its a sort of hairpin) towards coonoor. 5 kms approx from kattapattu junction is our village bettati. anthony should know the way up to the house for sure. call if in doubt. safe trip. try to leave by 5.30 a.m. to get to bettati by lunch. excited.

A morning in the sun, birds (just red whiskered bulbuls and oriental white eyes), friendship, conversations and catching up … fueled by red wine, a cheese platter with a baked brie centerpiece, artisinal bread, salted almonds and dried strawberries and grapes.

IMG_4598 - Version 2

Red-wine-in-india s970100166335739210_p50_i1_w430

And this, followed by a light lunch of grilled fish and salad.

IMG_4629 IMG_4585

Pictures of Grover La Reserve from http://www.indiamarks.com/top-5-red-wine-brands-india/